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  • Product name: finger control mitt,closed end hand
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  • 上架时间: 2016-07-13
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Medical holder products




Hand protector




           palm grip,terry w/elastic strap                                                                                  pulse oximeter probe wrap



Medical holder products
Item code Product Name Packaging details Product Size
JSLK828124C Body holder,cotton 1pc/polybag,6bags/box,6boxes/CS L52〃X W6.5〃
JSLK828122C Body holder,cotton 1pc/polybag,6bags/box,6boxes/CS L46〃X W6.5〃
JSLK829020C Cinch-type limb holder 1pair/polybag,6bags/box,6boxes/CS L14〃X W3〃
JSLK823040 Quick control limb holder 1pair/polybag,24bags/CS L19〃X W3〃
JSLK829052 Deluxe limb holder,cotton 1pair/polybag,6bags/box,6boxes/CS L12〃X W4.5〃
JSLK829062C Adjustable limb holder 1pair/polybag,6bags/box,6boxes/CS L14〃X W4.5〃
JSLK829030 modified cinch-type limb holder 1pair/polybag,6bags/box,6boxes/CS L9.5X W3〃
JSLK829082C padded limb holder w/non-detachable straps 1pair/polybag,6bags/box,6boxes/CS L14〃X W3〃
JSLK829080C padded limb holder w/detachable straps 1pair/polybag,6bags/box,6boxes/CS L14〃X W3〃
JSLK829070C Economy limb holder 1pair/polybag,6bags/box,6boxes/CS L9.5〃X W3〃
JSLK823100 limb holder,quilted,quick release 1pair/bag,36bags/CS L11〃X W2.75〃
JSLK243074 single patient use limb holder 1pair/polybag,24bags/CS L9〃X W3〃
hand protector
Item code Product Name Packaging details Product Size
JSLK823242 finger control mitt,closed end 1pair/polybag,24bags/CS L12〃XW10〃
JSLK823256 hand protector,flexible palm,cotton 1pair/polybag,12bags/CS L12〃X W6〃
JSLK823261 hand protector,rigid palm,kool-nit 1pair/polybag,12bags/CS L12〃X W6〃
JSLK823266 Hand protector,rigid palm,cotton 1pair/polybag,12bags/CS L12〃X W6〃
JSLK823243 hand control mitt 1pair/polybag,24bags/CS L12〃X W7〃
Palm grip
Item code Product Name Packaging details Product Size
JSLK821300 palm grip,terry w/elastic strap 1pc/box,24boxes/CS L6〃X W2.5〃
Pulse oximeter probe wrap
Item code Product Name Packaging details Product Size
JSLK823250 pulse oximeter probe wrap 12pcs/box,24boxes/CS L5.25〃X W1.19〃

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