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  • Product name: single&double sides gluing sock in red, green, blue, tan, gray color
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  • 上架时间: 2016-07-13
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             Slipper with single-side gluing                                    slipper with double-sides gluing                                 Rubber-soled slipper                                                                                                       


Rubber-soled slipper
Item Code Color Carton measurement (CM) PAIR/CTN
JSLK211220S RED 24.5x24x11.5 12
JSLK211220M BLUE 26x26x11.5 12
JSLK211220L CYAN 28x27.5x11.5 12
JSLK211220XL WHITE 31x31x10.5 12
JSLK1075654L GREEN 49.5x28x22 60
JSLK1005389A RED 26x26x11.5 12
JSLK1005389B RED 28x27.5x11.5 12
JSLK1005389C RED 31x31x10.5 12
JSLK1018505B RED 26x26x11.5 12
JSLK1018505C RED 28x27.5x11.5 12
JSLK1018505D RED 31x31x10.5 12



 Medical Non-skid slipper
Item Code DESCRIPTION Carton measurement in CM (PAIR/CTN)
Slipper with single-side gluing Single Tread Small Red 42x25.5x10 48
Single Tread Med Green 42x25.5x13.5 48
Single Tread Large Blue 42x25.5x13.5 48
Single Tread XL Tan 42x25.5x17 48
Single Tread XXL Gray 42x25.5x17 48
Single Tread OSFM Blue 42x25.5x13.5 48
Single Tread OSFM White 42x25.5x13.5 48
Slipper with double-sides gluing Double Tread OSFM Red 42x25.5x17 48
Double Tread Small Red 42x25.5x12 48
Double Tread Med Green 42x25.5x15.5 48
Double Tread Large Blue 42x25.5x17 48
Double Tread XL Tan 42x25.5x19 48
Double Tread XXL Gray 42x25.5x19 48

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