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Product name: Arm Sling

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  • 上架时间: 2016-07-13
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                                                                      Arm Sling for adult                                                                                           Arm sling for adult




                                                                      Arm sling for child                                                                                        Arm sling for adult(triangle)



 Arm sling for adult
Item Code Product Name Packaging details Product Size
JSLK11010 Arm sling for adult(cyan web cloth) 1pc/box,24boxes/CS L49CM X W19.5CM
JSLK11300S Arm sling for adult(cyan cloth) 1pc/box,24boxes/CS L35CM X W19CM
JSLK11300M L42CM X W21.5CM
JSLK11300L L51CM X W24.5CM
JSLK823210 Arm sling for adult 1pc/polybag,12bags/CS W12〃X H10〃
JSLK828166 Arm sling for adult 1pc/box,24boxes/CS L15〃X W7〃
JSLK824085 Arm sling for adult(triangle) 1pc/box,24boxes/CS

Side L46〃X Side L33〃

X L33〃

 Arm sling for child
Item Code  Product Name Packaging details Product Size
JSLK11400XXS Arm sling for child(colored cloth) 1pc/box,24boxes/CS L24CM X W14CM
JSLK11400XS L27.5CM X W16.5CM
JSLK11100XS Arm sling for child(blue cloth) 1pc/box,24boxes/CS L27CM X W13CM
JSLK11100S L34CM X W14CM
JSLK11100M L41CM X W16CM
JSLK11100L L46.5CM X W17CM
JSLK11100XL L51.5CM X W19CM
JSLK11200S Arm sling for child(colored cloth) 1pc/box,24boxes/CS L27.5CM X W16.5CM
JSLK11200M L35CM X W19CM
JSLK11200L L42CM X W21.5CM
JSLK11200XL L51CM X W24.5CM

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