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Annual Work Summary Conference

Number of visits: Date:2011年5月19日 16:49

On Jan.5th, the company launched conference for middle-rank and above leaders where General Manager Shen Qinan made a work summary of 2010 and the work plan of 2011 for the company.
In 2010, although we confronted various major difficulties including the labor shortage and raw material price hiking, we still made great achievements by fulfilling all economic indexes and making a big breakthrough on new product development.
Looking forward to 2011, the difficulties coexist with opportunities. He required all leaders and the entire staff to unite and cooperate with each and carry forward the Likang Spirit to make greater achievemen than 2010.
In the several days following the conference, the entire staff conscientiously learned and discussed the report of General Manager Mr. Shen. Finally, they were fully conscious of development trend of the company and distinguished their struggling direction and fulfilled the company’s goal.



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